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In Safari Acacia, we meticulously create a bespoke Luxury Wildlife Family Safari Travel Experience where Adventure meets Comfort.

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Are you looking for a luxury wildlife safari travel destination for your family vacation?

Are you looking for the Finest Wildlife Viewing experience away from the crowds ?

Do you wish to indulge in the natural behavior of the wildlife without disturbing them?

Have you always wanted to see your favorite elusive wild animal in their natural habitat?

Then you came to the right place. We will advise you on the suitable national parks in the right season, the lodges and camps in the strategic location, and most importantly, the best guides and trackers to get you to the right spot at the right time. We will carefully design a curated luxury wildlife travel itinerary solely for your family’s premier safari vacation needs. We only focus on a specific travel niche in which we are industry expert. And we deliver this Wildlife Safari Travel experience to you in the most responsible, sustainable way.


Secrets of Civets

Native to tropical forests of Asia and Africa, more than a dozen species of civets are described. Civets are primarily nocturnal, so a night expedition is necessary to see them. We offer specialised safaris to photograph the elusive and shy civets, in Deramakot, Danum Valley, Kinabatangan, Tabin and in South Luangwa after Sunset.

Thrill of Tiger

Tiger is the most Powerful Big Cat. The best destination to see tiger is Central Indian forests. But have you heard about MAN-EATING tigers of Sunderban island? We can bring you there to see the Swamp Tiger today from the safety of a boat safari. Winter is the best season to visit Sunderban and track the Tiger.

Pygmy of Borneo

The unique pygmy elephant of Borneo is a subspecies of Asian elephant. We offer specialised trips to Deramakot, Danum Valley, Kinabatangan and Tabin in Malaysia where sightings are not uncommon, from the boat or sometime even from your rooms or dining hall. Watch them today before they lost their battle of survival.

Lion's Mating Ritual

The lioness practically controls the whole ritual deciding when and where she wants to mate. The male grips her neck before mounting, copulation is generally completed with a few thrusts. Head rubbing and licking are an intriguing part of their mating. Photograph the moment today in Kenya and Zambia.

Fine Art Wildlife Print for


Conservation through Fine Art Wildlife Print sell is our initiative to give back to the wildlife. You can directly support Wildlife Conservation by buying Prints and we will donate its 10% to charity. The proof of donation will be provided to you.


Safety & Quality

We do not compromise with quality and safety

Best Price

We guarantee the best deal for each of our itinerary in the market

Experienced Guides

Our guides are handpicked in every Wildlife Travel destination.

Kids and Senior Friendly

We take special care for the young and the old during the travel.

Completely Customisable

We patiently listen to you before suggesting a personalised trip.



We have listed the animals that can be seen in each Wildlife Travel destination. If you are looking for a specific animal, you can visit our ANIMALS section for more information before you select your safari destination. Long before you leave for the safari destination, we usually arrange a virtual meeting to brief you on the tour, wildlife will be the central topic.

Tracking wildlife is always tricky, and ultimately there is also a chance factor. However, our experienced naturalists knows their forests and the animal’s movement pretty well. 

Most of the countries we operate in, provides smooth online-visa. We definitely can guide, but you need to apply yourself.

Air tickets can be arranged.

Some regular medicines, sunscreen lotion, dust/rain cover for you and your gear, extra batteries and memory cards, multiple power outlets, a safari style hat and sun glass to protect from the Sun. A headlamp is always handy, so is mosquito repellent and antiseptic cream in tropical forests. Clothes not so bright colored, and no perfume during the safari.

Pack light as some smaller safari flights havw strict baggage policy.

It is recommended to have atleast 300mm reach in all the destinations. The 70-300mm lens is reasonably priced in all brands and is a great all-rounder. If possible, a semi-pro level zoom lens like 150-600mm or 200-600mm with an additional 70-200mm will be perfect. For landscape, a 24-70mm will be handy. Keep in mind that Africa is dusty and it is recommended to attach separate bodies to two different lenses to avoid changing lens on the field. 

Yes, some vaccinations are mandatory depending on your home country. For example, when you return from a safari of Kenya, immigration may request the proof of yellow fever vaccination. For safari in Zambia, some kind of protection against malaria might be recommended.

It is a common courtesy to tip your naturalist, driver, guide, cook and porter when on safari. However, it is no way mandatory and you should tip solely based on your satisfaction with service.

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