Fine Art Wildlife Print for Conservation

Conservation through Fine Art Wildlife Print sell is our initiative to give back to the wildlife. You can directly support Wildlife Conservation by buying Prints and we will donate its 10% to charity. The proof of donation will be provided to you.

Specification of Fine Art Wildlife Prints

We provide high-quality, long-lasting giclee reproductions of Fine Art Wildlife printed on archival-grade, branded fine art and canvas materials sourced from Germany and Japan’s finest paper mills. The papers are evaluated in a laboratory for an archival lifespan in excess of eighty years under the recommended storage conditions. Monochrome photos are typically printed on Datajet FA230 Fiber-based Matte Photo Paper (230gsm) and colored photos on Datajet BC270 Semi-Gloss Resin-coated Photo Paper (270gsm).

Upon request, we can also deliver prints on canvas and synthetic materials.

We can assist you in framing prints from our collaborator’s atelier. Please consult with us to determine the frame, mount, design, border, and front protector, among other factors.

For a limited time, all listed photographs are priced equitably based on print size alone. Listed below are the prices for prints (unframed) with the long perimeter of the photos:

  • 48″- 899 MYR
  • 36″- 599 MYR
  • 24″- 399 MYR
  • 12″- 275 MYR

Please contact us if you like to purchase high resolution digital copy of our work.

Prints can be delivered internationally in a protective case. The delivery of framed prints is restricted to specific locations only.

Check out our works at client's site

These are printed, framed and installed by us according to our client’s requirements and style.

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