Best Wildlife Safari Destinations in Malaysia​​

Rainforests of Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo are biodiversity hotspot. Taman Negara in Peninsular Malaysia, Bako National Park (Sarawak), Kinabatangan River,   Deramakot, Danum Valley and Tabin Wildlife Reserve (Sabah) are the best wildlife destinations in Malaysia. Recently we have compared the four most popular safari destinations in the Sabah state of Borneo in the blog post:

Deramakot Forest Reserve or Danum Valley or Kinabatangan River or Tabin – where to go for the best Borneo Adventure?



What animals to see in Malaysia


We organise the best luxury wildlife family safari holidays in Malaysia to observe and photograph the unique animals, birds, reptiles and insects of Malaysia in its mystic rainforests. Nocturnal wildlife is the most interesting character of these destinations, so we focus on night walks on forest floor, night safaris in four wheel drive through unpaved challenging terrain to track down jungle cats on road and also on trees. We also organize night boat cruises alongside the river in search of larger mammals and nocturnal birds and primates.


List of some of the interesting and exotic animals that one can see on a safari holiday in Malaysia with us contains:


Malayan Tapir | Wild Orangutan | Proboscis Monkey | Pygmy Elephant | Asian Elephant | Clouded Leopard | Leopard Cat | Marbled Cat | Flat-headed Cat | Bay-cat | Pittas | Slow Loris | Flying Lemur | Flying Squirrel |  Malayan Civet | Otter Civet | Banded Civet | Binturong | Sun Bear, among others.


Ample comfort in such remote rainforests of penninsular Malaysia and Borneo are provided. Be it chalet rooms in Research Field Centres or at Park Headquarters, or in carefully selected our partner ultra-luxurious Lodges. All arrangements for an adventurous night stay in a Hide (Watch Tower) deep inside the forest is also offered.

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