What Animals we see on Safari?

We always get the questions in social media and in our contact form:

Animals and birds we see on safari.


Wild cats we see on safari.


Best place to see leopards, lions and elephants.


Best place to see wildebeest migration.


Best place to see wild orang utan.


Big 5 animals to see on safari.


Let us give you answer to all of these in this page and the outbound links therein.


We see plenty of  wild cats in all our wildlife safari destinations, both big cats and small whose sizes are comparable to a house cat, but the latter pose tremendous challenge to our guides/trackers and night spotters in every safari. The big cats are also elusive, but when one follows the Apex predator (the top of the food chain in certain forest area), depending on the habitat, it is relatively easy sometime. Well, we are not saying we guarantee a snow leopard or man-eating tiger sighting anyday. Although, we are proud to confirm 100% success rate in every snow leopard expedition till date.


If you have explored our website, you must have understood that Leopards are our favorite animals. We cover most of the promising places to see wild leopards in the world – South Luangwa, Yala, Masai Mara, Jawai, Borneo. We cover Indian leopards, African, Sri Lankan, Snow Leopards and Clouded leopards.


Lions and Elephants are much more easier to track, we can discuss about them if you contact us. If you are looking specifically for the BBC famed “Marsh Pride” of lions, yes, we offer trip to find them as well.


Ofcourse it is in Masai Mara and Serengeti, according to the herd’s movement at a certain time of the year. We can help you to see the world’s largest land migration, by suggesting the right choice of camp and travel time based on the movement.


We have a very strong affinity to primates, specially Orang Utan, the authentic wild population of them, shy, human-like, building nest (like making bed), using tree branches during rain (like umbrella). We can say Deramakot, Kinabatangan, Danum Valley and Tabin, in that order, are the best to find them.


African Big 5 consists of lion, leopard, buffalo, rhinoceros, elephant. In Malaysia, we have Bornean Big 5 – pygmy elephant, proboscis monkey, orang utan, rhinoceros hornbill, crocodile.


Although we cannot guarantee to show you some specific animal in a safari, we can definitely guarantee to offer you all the necessary arrangements and the best opportunity to observe and photograph your favorite animals in their natural habitat. We specialize in tracking the following wildlife species, handpicked elusive and the most challenging to track.

Elusive animals seen on our Safari

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