Utan Rainforest Lodge

A luxury Resort in Sungai Kapur

In the newly launched Utan Rainforest Lodge, guests can experience a remarkable wildlife adventure of Borneo in Sungai Kapur, on the fringe of Tabin Wildlife Reserve

Wildlife seen at Utan Rainforest Lodge

A plethora of endemic species, including the Proboscis Monkey, Bornean Orang Utan, Sun Bear, Borneo Ground-Cuckoo, and the elusive Helmeted Hornbill, which never fails to enthrall those who are fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of it

Location of Utan Rainforest Lodge

Around 2.5 hours drive from Lahad Datu town, the Utan Rainforest Lodge is located at the edge of Tabin Wildlife reserve. It has direct access to a wonderful mangrove forest.

Rooms in Utan Rainforest Lodge

Safari Acacia’s guests can choose to stay in one of the five spacious rooms (soon to be expanded to few more), each of which offers a view of the verdant Virgin Jungle Rainforest. In the midst of the tropical rainforests, the Deluxe Rooms provide an exceptional level of comfort thanks to their meticulously designed and hand-picked furniture. Make use of the convenient access to the swimming pool for a revitalizing retreat.

Food and Dining in Utan Rainforest Lodge

The delicious food is served as a buffet and includes vegetarian, seafood, and meat alternatives as well as traditional local cuisine.

Activities in Utan Rainforest Lodge

The access to the surrounding woodlands and wetlands is the main attraction of the resort. River boat cruises with expert guide’s accompany bring the surrounding landscape to life. Guided night walks and night 4wd drive give ample opportunity to find the mysterious nocturnal world of Borneo.

3D2N Tour Package in Utan Rainforest Lodge

Utan Rainforest Lodge, More Information

  • The resort accepts Mastercard, Visa and American Express and card payment is preferred over cash payment.
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