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Sri Lanka Travel

Sri Lanka Travel is an amazingly beautiful experience. This is a picturesque island with serene mountains & hill stations surrounded by tea gardens and bungalows of the colonial era in one province, pristine sea beaches favorite among surfers in the other. UNESCO world heritage sites, ancient forts, temples are everywhere in this country. And how can one forget Sri Lankan elephants and leopards and other wildlife in unique national parks.


Is it Safe to Travel to Sri Lanka

It is completely safe to travel to Sri Lanka right now. The change of government brings political stability, and the main protest location was withdrawn. All resorts in Sri Lanka are open for business, with no power outages. Fuel is being provided in a systematic way, with no long queues. Every dollar spent in Sri Lanka strengthens their economy, and the tourism industry is critical to the country’s economic recovery. Government offices and public transport, including trains, are now fully operational. The western countries relaxed the travel advisory.


Why Travel Sri Lanka with us

Unlike the regular travel agencies arranging one night at each spot to cover several destinations of Sri Lanka in the minimum days possible, we recommend a two-night stay to immerse yourself in the culture, local cuisine, and diverse scenery of Sri Lankan destinations. After all, you are not here to cross off the destinations or run a marathon; you are here to live the moments.

In addition, unlike most tour companies, we can show you the undiscovered side of the Yala National Park and provide many game drives as well as an unusual, sumptuous stay in Yala.

Sri Lankan leopards, Panthera pardus kotiya, are huge. Because it’s the nation’s top predator, maybe. Large males weigh approximately 100 kg, according to limited data. Except for mothers with young, leopards hunt alone. Male ranges often overlap female territory and neighbouring male regions. They hunt primarily at night, but they are active at dawn, dusk, and noon. They seldom drag kills into trees due to the absence of combat and huge prey base.

Birding in Sri Lanka

7 days Trip to Yala National Park, Overnight inside Yala

8 days Travel along Sri Lanka's South Coast

11 days Classic Sri Lanka circuit Tour

Elephants in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Elephant

The Sri Lankan elephant (Elephas maximus maximus) is a subspecies of Asian elephant. Among Asian elephants, some (and not all) males have profound tusks. Female elephants do not have tusks, unlike their African counterparts. Home to an estimated 7500 elephants, Sri Lanka has very few elephants with tusks. Longest tusks of 7 feet 6 inches long were recorded in the past, although to encounter one in the wild is an extremely rare experience. Obviously, tuskers are exposed to more harm than other elephants. Do you know that these elephants stand on their hind legs to reach young juicy leaves of tall tree, a phenomenon quite common in Zambia, Zimbabwe or Botswana. Travel to Sri Lanka to see this gentle giant from close.

Useful Information

    • Please inform us of your dietary requirements. We try to provide authentic local dishes in the safari camp and in the forest bungalow. And we can advise you for the other locations.
    • There is no proper washroom inside the park, but bush toilets during the safari are always there.
    • We will provide you field guide books during safari.
    • There will be complimentary wifi in the lounge of the safari camp but none in the forest bungalow. The hotels/resorts usually have wifi.
    • You need a pair of slippers and comfortable walking/trekking shoes.
    • A headlamp is handy, so is mosquito repellent and antiseptic cream in any forests.
    • We will provide glass water bottles and refill them in the safari camp. Tea/coffee and electric kettle are available.
    • Blanket, towel, pillow, clean bed sheets, shampoo and soap will be provided and replaced. Kindly carry the other personal amenities, or request us in advance.
    • In each luxury tent you will have enough power outlets to charge multiple gadgets together at the same time. For other locations, this might be limited.

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