Best Snow Leopard Tour in Ladakh

The Snow leopard, found only in the high mountain regions of Central Asia, is one of the world’s most secretive and critically endangered big cat species. You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking for the best snow leopard trip in India. India is home to several excellent snow leopard habitats. Snow leopards may be found in abundance in India’s stunning landscapes. Located in the far north of India, Hemis National Park in Ladakh offers the greatest snow leopard tour in the country and is home to a large population of the elusive snow leopard. The other, more affordable Snow Leopard Tour is conducted in the Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary in Spiti Valley, where you can stay in a more authentic local homestay and track the Snow Leopard.

Our both Snow Leopard locations still have 100% success rate.



12 days Best Luxury Snow Leopard Tour in Ladakh

What you will see

Seeing a Snow Leopard in the wild is a rare and special experience. While there are no guarantees, joining our Snow Leopard Tour will significantly increase your chances of encountering these majestic creatures. But that’s not all, you may also find Himalayan Ibex, Red Fox, Blue Sheep (Bharal), Tibetan Wolves, Golden Eagle, Bearded Vulture, Himalayan Griffon and lots of other wildlife sharing the same habitat.

What to Pack in Snow Leopard Tour

This is an Army protected sensitive area, Any satellite devices, Drones are not Allowed here.


Things to Pack

    • Thermals 2-3 Sets (Upper & Lower)
    • 1 Wind Cheater
    • Snow Jacket with Hoodie (Water Proof) guarding up to -25 Degree Celsius
    • Water Proof Pant
    • Socks 5-6 pairs
    • Water Proof Snow Shoes
    • Gloves (1 Woolen + 1 Waterproof )
    • Face Mask
    • Sunglass with UV protection
    • Winter Cap
    • Personal Towel
    • Room Sleeper ( Chappal)
    • personal medicine
    • Personal Thermos for Hot Water
    • Hand warmer (From Decathlon / Amazon) if possible, will help in Field.
    • personal Bathroom Kit ( Brush, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, shaving kit etc)

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